What kind of meal makes you feel better and how can you move forward towards feeling as healthy as you want to be? I will propose a recipe that suits your physical condition from a lot of ingredients and dishes. The recipe also includes meals and drinks, skin treatments and simple exercises. I will create a recipe based on what I have learned in my research and practice and explain it in the session.

The color under the eyes is blue, the complexion is dull, having a pimple often, the complexion is  bad,  I'm getting a headache lately, my stomach isn't feeling well.....
Perhaps no reason to go to the hospital, but looking for a way to feel refreshed. For those who wish to be able to support with their daily meals, i will ask you about your condition and propose a menu that will help you to recover.

nao Polman Ishizaka

Lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After acquiring a dietitian qualification, worked as a chef in Tokyo. After enrolling in and graduating from the Fine Art Department of the Art school of Utrecht (HKU) in the Netherlands, she met Mentor Kyoko Onishi, who was instructed in Europe at the time and learned and practised European Yakuzen, macrobiotics, and dietary yin and yang methods for seven years. On the other hand, after experiencing a freelance chef and patissier in Amsterdam, she experienced an inn chef in Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture, while communicating with people involved in agriculture and the flow of "locally produced local food". After that, she was in charge of menu development that makes the best use of the deliciousness of spices and dried fruits at an Arabian restaurant in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture. Moved to Amsterdam again after getting married. Based on the wide range of knowledge and experience that she has cultivated so far, she decided to provide recipes that are delicious and that will improve the body and mind, and launched Nanohana recipes.

Nanohana Recipes

Each person's body is different.

Each person has different likes and dislikes,
The food you eat and how many times you eat in a day may change depending on your lifestyle and occupation.
Even ingredients that are considered good for you, in the wrong amounts, might not be benneficial. The way of eating that suits you may be different.
Each person has a different physical condition and illness, what kind of body do you want to have in the future?
I will ask you about such a destination by e-mail questionnaire and make a recipe that suits you.
I will explain the recipe at the session.

About the session

Sessions are basically conducted in the online ZOOM.
After sending the reservation email, please fill out the questionnaire by email and ask for your wishes. Also please make payment according to payment form by email. Set the date and time of the session at your convenience. I will send you the recipe by email, so please prepare them and explain them at the session. 

The recipe is based on Japanese vegetarian and vegan dishes. Some of  using with European ingredients, flavors and herbs. I will devise with available ingredients in consideration of your country of residence.

 4 personalized recipes and one session     85€(incl.tax)